Shipping Conditions

Shipping conditions
We only supply resellers. No delivery to consumers !

The minimum order value is 100.00 ¤ .

Delivery Time

Orders are usually lead out on the same day. We reserve parts deliveries. The customer keeps 7 days a bound to his order. Goods that are not in stock the time of order, we will deliver only at the express request of the customer.

International shipping costs

Examples for shipping costs:

Denmark ,Poland, Nederlands, Luxembourg,  and Switzerland  we calculate:

For a package to  Österreich, Frankreich,  Holland, Luxemburg, Dänemark, Polen we calculate:

bis 5 Kg - ca. 11,65 €,   bis 10 Kg  - ca. 13,65 €,  ca. bis 20 kg - ca. 17,65 €, bis 30 kg  ca 21,65  €

to Italien, Schweden, Spanien, Ungarn, Slowakei, Slovenien

bis 5 Kg - ca. 12,25 €,   bis 10 Kg  - ca. 14,75 €,  ca. bis 20 kg - ca. 20,75 €, bis 30 kg  ca 24,75  €

to Finland, Estland, Lettland, Litauen,Norwegen Portugal

bis 5 Kg - ca. 14,05 €,   bis 10 Kg  - ca. 18,55 €,  ca. bis 20 kg - ca. 24,55 €, bis 30 kg  ca 30,55  €

Shipping is only with DHL, larger orders will be shipped with the shipping company.

Unless otherwise agreed, we deliver abroad only in advance.
If you order something, we pack the package and sign the bill. We will fax or email the invoice to you. After we have received the receipt of money, we will ship the package.

EU countries

All wholesale prices are exclusive of VAT. Therefore, we need your VAT registration number, otherwise we will have the German VAT. Of 19% can be calculated. (16 % 1.7.20 bis 31.12.20)

When paying by invoice target our invoices are payable within 14 days. If payment is delayed, we calculate the standard bank interest rate. The delivered goods until full payment of our property. Wir deliver under extended retention Featured maintenance.

If debits redebited forfeited the discounts granted on the invoice and must be payed later.


Complaints must be notified to us within 6 days. We then decide if the goods are to be returned or not.

Defects scales we definitely need to refer to the manufacturer. The manufacturer verifies that the scale may have been damaged by improper handling of the customer. In this case, the manufacturer also calculate the examination of the balance.

Damage must be reported after receipt of the goods directly to the deliverer.

Condition of the goods

Since many items are handmade, they can in shape, size and color of the pictures departure. The decals shown on the pipes are examples. We supply the pipes after the popular motifs sorted.

Rates are subject to typographical errors.



* plus shipping