Can safe BALLISTOL Sting-free Art no.: CS42

  • Can safe BALLISTOL Sting-free
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Secret stash Ballistol Sting Free
. With the kind cooperation and permission of Klever / Ballistol
. A mobile secret hiding place for valuables takes up a tried and tested principle of camouflage and conceals the actual character of the safe through the appearance of a conventional product. The Ballistol oil can does not stand out as a safe in a shelf of cans such as in the garage, cellar, storage room or cupboard, and is therefore not perceived as a safe for valuables. Hidden safes are unique security products not only for the home. Unlike conventional safes and containers, they have the advantage of being usable on the move. Whether at home, in the garden, at work, in a hotel, workshop, camping, caravan, boat, garage, bathroom, kitchen: this safe can be used everywhere and blends in with the natural environment.
Money, credit cards, jewellery, keys, confidential documents, medicines and other valuables or secrets: everything can be hidden discreetly. The box can be opened via an ingeniously attached screw cap.
The contents are splash-proof.
Capacity of the safe approx. 500 ml, height of the tin 21 cm, diameter 6.5 cm
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